After The Sims original was release, everything created was for The Sims (TS), but as new expansion packs were released, it became apparent that Maxis had changed a lot of file information for objects and eventually some naming conventions for skins. Livin' Large introduced new items such as rugs and furnitures that when cloned do not work in The Original Sims unless you have the LL expansion pack.

SimFreaks attempted to make items work for everyone when possible, though on occasion we have to make things for specific packs. With this in mind, it is necessary for us to convey information to the downloader in the easiest way possible. We devised an icon system, which has spread out through many other sites in the community. Despite the system, the increasing changes can cause a lot of confusion, we provide this information to create some clarity.

Since all files were TS only in the beginning, the release of Hot Date created a little confusion. Originally all zips were linked to the image, but as we got more expansion packs, we developed icons to specify which packs to use.

See the Icons List for clarity.