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SimsPlus at SimFreaks

1 June 2021

SimsPlus was a valuable asset to the Sims Community. Created by Patrick J. Barrett III & Dave Ray, the site provided the community with additional cloneable assets. The objects are available for Cloning and Sharing, but we ask that you direct them to this website for the most recent versions. Archive your old ones, but download these for the new categories.

A few items from SimsPlus have been left out of this page. Azure Bay Bathroom Set and the Clover which weres already on SimFreaks.

I have had to extract all the exe installers from the original SimPlus files and convert them to zip file. Unfortunately, they were incompatible with newer versions of windows.

I have not added the walls, floors, roofs or skins yet. It's a small selection, but I have to gather up images. You can dig through the files in those linked folders - Heather