Every week I receive dozens of emails asking me how to create things. While I may not have time to create a full-scale tutorial, as I find that you should have different tutorials for specific objects and skins, I will offer some tips for those would-be creators who've figured out how to get started, but have a rough time making things clean, clear and beautiful.

I'm not sure if any of the skinners will pick up a skinning section, but you can find some meshing information in Jerome's Mesh shop. Making the actual skin isn't so hard, if you learn how to name things and work off of someones outline. Skinning well is a difficult task though. Skinning does not mean taking someone else's work and recoloring it without permission.

Wallpapers and floors are a seemingly simple task, but we strive to create the most realistic look possible. We will offer tips and pointers to those who wish to do the same.