The website has closed, we provide access to transmogrifier freely to everyone as a community service. We only choose to offer it here to avoid people joining the yahoogroup in order to just get a version of the transmogrifier.We do not offer support for the transmogrifier, nor claim any intellectual property. Transmogrifier was created by Don Hopkins. We encourage everyone to please save copies of the transmogrifier to CD once you download. Save a little bandwidth if you will by doing so.

If you would like more information on The Sims Transmogrifier, you can join the Transmogrifier Yahoogroup. Reply to a questionnaire is required before access is granted.

Several version of the transmogrifier are made available here due to issues regarding certain platforms and objects. We suggest to everyone using Windows XP that they download both versions 1.0 and 1.4.

Version 1.0 is the most basic version, exports thumbails, thus requiring you to make your own. With this versioan always export ALL ZOOMS, ALL CHANNELS. Otherwise, it will generate some alpha channels and z-buffers, which you definitely don't want with this version.

Version 1.1 game generates thumbails. I suggest you try 1.2 first.

Version 1.2 Great for lovebed import/exportation. Issues with 1.4 occur and often cause freezing. If 1.2 doesn't work, you will need to revert to an earlier version.

Version 1.3 I rarely use this one, however if all else fails, give it a try.

Version 1.4 If you are running The Sims without any of the later expansion packs (UL & SS), you should be able to generate thumbails in game by placing the object on the lot and saving. However, you do want to verify thumbail change. Thumbail generation in later expansion packs has been reported as buggy and not supported.

Transmogrifier Documentation: - Contains the original tutorial.

Transmogrifying Tips:
Informative Archives: You can find many tips in the yahoogroup archives Transmogrifier Yahoogroup. Membership to the group is free.
Import Freezing: If transmogrifier is freezing during import, try renaming the IFF file to the number 0.iff, this often helps with any version and can save you a lot of headache.
Transmogrifier IDs: I can't say this enough, never remove your objects when transmogrifying. Transmogrifier generates new IDs, but removal of your older objects may result in duplicate IDs being issued with your magic cookie.
Magic Cookies: Magic cookies have all been issued, but it's very important to have one to avoid the generation of a ton of multiple IDs. We suggest that you join the Magic Cookie group, which serves only as a database keeping track of members magic cookies. Any number higher than 65535 may create a duplicate cookie due to truncated Hexadecimal numbers. Some research was done at the transmogrifier group which further explored problems with Magic Cookies. If you want to issue yourself a cookie, you want to make sure to check the ID in transmogrifier 1.4. Simply clone an object with your magic cookie and
Multiple "The Sims" Version Installation: You can install multiple versions of The Sims by following this instruction. First, make sure you have one big Hard Drive that could never possibly fill up in this day and age.
Second, install the expansion packs in order, applying as necessary the needed patches. You may have to search vigorously for some of the older patches. Install The Sims.
After completion, install any applicable Maxis add-ons and patches. Some of these may no longer be available at The and I do not have a current list.
Once you have all version applicable patches and add-ons installed, create a copy of "The Sims" folder and name it "The Sims - TS."
Install all expansion packs in the same manner, adding patches & Maxis add-ons, then creating a copy such as "The Sims - LL" or "The Sims HP" and so on until you have a copy for each version. Installation in order is crucial and we suggest you run the game at least once inbetween each install to avoid any additional problems.
Once you have the versions installed, you may swap out the folders for gameplay, but remember this Important Tip, do not forget to copy your user-created add-ons to the version you are using. Transmogrifier may issue duplicate IDs to your objects if you do not keep them installed. Never remove your objects when transmogrifying.
Testing Tips: We advise you test in every expansion pack that is applicable to the item.