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SimBabes was originally it's own site. SimFreaks is honored to host this beautiful collection of items.
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A blota dotta!

We're Simbabes! You found me at SimFreaks.com, where all the Simbabes old and new are now appearing exclusively!
Take me home with you, give me any personality you like, and use me as you will, as long as you only use me to play your own version of the Maxis™ computer game known as The Sims™. Please don't forget I'm under exclusive contract with SimFreaks.com, so my agents tell me to advise you that you can't upload me to your own site or offer me for download to others, or make me available for pickup on any other Internet site whatsoever. I'm yours to play with, but never to pick apart, and never to use pieces, portions or all of me in any other place or context. Take good care of me, buy me lots of quality toys and furnishings, and I'll never grow old or fall apart on you, Guaranteed!
If you need to contact my agency about me or any of the other Simbabes under contract at SimFreaks.com, please do! We promise to add lots of hokey mokey delight to your gameplay. After all, that's our job. And our pleasure!
Kissdag dag!
P.S. I *love* shopping at Simfreaks dot com!
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