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From, Simpose-ium is a more sophisticated program for viewing and modeling sims created by Clive Pygott.

Available at the website, you will find important documentation and we suggest you read it.

Simposeium enables the user to create all sorts of different effects for pictures. While it doesn't serve any useful purpose to the average person, developers may find it useful for adding a little style and flare to their skin images.

How to insert files:
Meshes should be inserted like this:
Obj = skn files
Tex = bmp files

Do not input cmx files

M = male
F = female
B = Boy

C = Girl
P = Props

Each of these except props have three folders Body, Hands, Head.
So, if you have B300MaFit_01.skn & B300MaFitLgt_Bob.bmp, the skn file would go in: ObjM/Body/ and the bmp would go in: TexM/Body/

Hands must be loaded seperately and can be found in our default recovery packs located in Skins. You may only attach 3 props at a time.

Download Simpose-ium EXE Ver. 9 for PC here.