Adding Rotations
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By David Goss
1. We will start with a simple object.  Clone the Cheap1 end table. It's name is 'Pinegulcher End Table'.
2. Export One Zoom, All Channels.
3. These are the files that are exported.

4. Start renaming the files.  First, you will want to change the 'front' part to 'ne'.
5 Now change the 'back' part to 'nw'.
6. Now open all the 'ne' images, mirror them, and save them as 'se' images.  Open the 'nw' images, mirror those, and save them as 'sw' images.
7. These are the files you should now have.
8. OPTIONAL**I like to open each P image and mark them corresponding to the direction in the file name for easy reference later.  If you are adding rotations to a object with images you will be using then you probably don't want to do this step.  
9. You are now done with the image files.  Now open the xml file in a text editor.  I use KEDIT for Windows.  You can use any TXT editor for this.