Skin for The Sims!
Available in Light Skin Tone!
Available in Medium Skin Tone!
Available in Dark Skin Tone!
Women's Wetsuit
Women's Wetsuit

Hot Date Naming Conventions

By Heather Castillo

A special feature was added with Hot Date. The ability for the end user to customize outfits without the nasty side effect that originally happened.

In order to do this, you will need to familarize yourself with how skins and meshes work (.skn .cmx and .bmp) together to make a sim. You can find tutorials at Jerome's Mesh Shop

Body types originally all came with the same naming convention. You have at least three files for each body. I will use Ahn's Women's Wetsuit for this example.

The original wetsuit has five files cmx, skn and three bmp files.

One bmp file is necessary for each skin tone:


Now take these and replace the B with an S for Swimsuit. You would use L for Lingerie(PJs), F for Formal wear, W for Winterwear (Vacation), H for High Fashion (Superstar):


The easy part is now done.
The original cmx filename was:


Again, replace the B with S for Swimsuit, but you aren't quite done yet!


After you have renamed the file, open it with NotePad.

The fifth line should say:

B300fafit_01 change that to S300fafit_01

Skin for Hot Date!
Available in Light Skin Tone!
Available in Medium Skin Tone!
Available in Dark Skin Tone!
Women's Wetsuit
Women's Wetsuit

You are now finished.

The skn file should remain the same As long as this cmx was built properly in the beginning, it should be fine. However, if you want to check the tenth line in the cmx after the words PELVIS should match the name of the skn file you are using.

Note: SKN files do NOT need to be renamed. Doing so will create a large load on your end users game.

You may download these skins on this page for reference.