About the Team

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For support email support@simfreaks.com

This is a list of artists who have contributed to SimFreaks in the past. We appreciate all their hard work, though most have moved on to other projects.

Currently SimFreaks has two active artists, Fabricio and Heather.

Fabricio makes most of the new skins and objects available at SimFreaks.

Currently on Sabbatacle

Titles: Executive Skin Administrator
Real Job: Computer programming, web design, and "artiste"
Vicinity: San Diego, CA
Creations: Skins
Tools of Choice: MGI PhotoSuite (not really a tool of choice but of poverty)

My Rant: I am 21 years old with the wisdom of a 65-year old, minus the alzheimer's (or so I have been told). I look 16 and always get carded when visiting Barona Casino. Maybe if I wore an inch of makeup, I will look my age. I am a non-conforming non-conformist. Student by day, Intern by other days, Homework-do-er by night, and Sleepy person by morning type-of-person. Pursuing BA in Computer Science. Current goals: buy mom and dad a house, become Bil Simser's programming apprentice (hint hint), and maximize my odd sense of humor. What I know? Dreamweaver UltraDev, Java, Javascript, VB, ML, Assembly language, Pascal, HTML, Sun Solaris. Learning? MySQL, SQL Plus, CGI, Python, C++, ASP, Vbscript. About Simfreaks: What a joy, a pleasure to do something you love doing! Once you've simmed, you can't stop simmin.



Titles: Object Freak
Real Job: ?
Vicinity: ?
Creations: Objects

Title: SimFreaks Tinker Gnome
Real Job: Software Developer (more or less)
Vincinity: Northern Germany
Creations: Objects
Tools of Choice: Photoshop, Transmogrifier
Born: February 1970

About me - After spending too many years of my life at the university, I got a degree in electronical engineering, specializing in semiconductor technology, and found that there weren't any jobs available to me in that area. Since I had to earn my living, I started working as a software developer instead and to my own surprise found that I actually liked it. I started playing the Sims about a year ago when a friend showed the game to me, and although it's taking up too much of my (already rare) free time, I love the game. The only unfortunate thing about it is that I constantly come up with more object ideas than I could possibly build in a lifetime ;-)


Titles: Mesh Editor
Real Job: Projectmanager Consultant
Vicinity: Netherlands
Creations: Meshes
Tools of Choice: Faredit, Bmf2Skn, Skn2Obj, BodyWarp, SimShow. For details see "3D Design for the Sims"


Titles: Object creator and forum queen
Real job: Watching two little girls while their moms go to work. Vicinity: The Netherlands
Creations: Objects and Houses
Tools of choice: Adobe Photoshop 5.5
Status: Living together with a cute guy and two cats
Born: February 1967

Words from Me: I got hooked on the Sims as soon as I installed it on my computer. After playing and yapping on forums for about 10 months I decided to check out Claw's tutorial because I wanted something more out of this game. Eventually I got it and now I can share my creations with you lovely people. Thank you Claw!



Titles: Owner, Builder of All Things Related to Sims (except Meshes).
Real Job: You're looking at it.
Vicinity: Silicon Valley
Creations: Walls, Floors, Roofs, Skins, Objects
Tools of Choice: Adobe Photoshop 6.01, Macromedia Dreamweaver 3, 4, UltraDev, Note Pad, HomeSite, Adobe Illustrator 8.0, Gif Movie Gear, Caligari True Space, 3D Studio Max 4.5, WS_FTP, WinZIP, Password Safe, Simposeium, Transmogrifier.
Born: May 1970. Gemini. ENTP.

Favorite SimSites: Well, I have to say I'm so busy, I rarely find time to visit other sites. The ones I do visit on a regular basis are on our affiliates list ;)

Likes: Cycling, The Sims d'uh, designing, reading, poetry, music, art, wine, Star Wars.

Dislikes: Star Trek (except Voyager), Brussel Sprouts, Vienna Sausages, that guy at the Drive-Thru window that won't speak English and keeps giving me the wrong order.

My Rant: Everyday, I get a ton of emails and quite a few same questions. One of the most common is, how did you design your site.

To answer that, I've been designing websites since about 1995 and really love it. Back then, a friend of mine, whom I later married, worked in the industry and encouraged my pursuit in webdesign. That was right after he junked my Hotdog Pro in the trash. He chastised me for using such drivel and told me to get an HTML book and learn that way. Sure, it's a little difficult at first compared to some WYSIWYG programs, but I learned that I had more control over the way my pages looked, if I layed the code out by hand.

I didn't stop there. You can't have a good site without graphics I still try to read books on the subject and have read some scripting books as well, although I tend to stay away from a lot of the techno clutter.

My style differs from a lot of stuff I see on the web and I prefer it that way. I've always been a web-safe color guru and try to work well with what limitations that imposes.

Title: Object Creator
Real Job: Mom
Vicinity: In the Sticks

What Heather Says: The woman has a heap of children!