SimFreaks' FAQ
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SimFreaks' FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
1. I keep getting an error page or can't download. Why?

2. How do I insert these things into my game?

3. I keep trying to open these files but they keep opening with another program. How do I fix it?

4. Why do my wallpapers and floors keep disappearing?

5. How did you create your Sim Game Add-Ons?

6. Will you affiliate or link to my site?

7. If I send you a picture of my floor or wallpaper, can you convert it for my Sims? YES.

8. Should I try to attach a virus to my email when I send it to you? Thanks. I get enough already.

9. Why did you create this site?

10. Do you have ICQ or AOL IM?
11. Do you have any other sites?

12. My Sims speak a weird language, how do I get them to speak mine?

13. I lost my serial # and can't install my game, will you send me yours?

14. Would you design my website, buttons or a banner for me?

15. What are the cheat codes?

16. Can I use your stuff on my site? NO.

17. What are .sif and .sig files?

18. My game is lagging, what can I do to speed it up?