Pirates! 9
But the house seemed quiet. Inigo waved to one of his boys.

"Give me cover," the Spaniard said. "I think they are bluffing."

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Inigo realizes he's been tricked.

With a three count Inigo dashed beyond the window and gave another three count before smashing through the door with his shoulder. There, on the inside, sat one man. He had a glass and pistol, and was warmin' with a bottle of rum.

"Hello," the drunkard said, lookin' to his bottle. "My name is Silky. Kind of you fellows to visit. Take a drink with me."

Inigo spun. He had made a terrible error.

As told by Hildy

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Hildy's cornered

Whiskey Pete shot the lock on the door, and walked quickly through the house. Francois followed him down the corridor, while the others began to ransack. They found me in the kitchen, and leveled a pistol at my head.

"Where does the master of the house keep his valuables?"

I trembled and fell back against the counter: "I don't know; please don't harm me."

He strode hastily to me, and pressed the cold steel barrel against my temple. Again he asked his question.

"I told you I do not know," I cried.

"She's no use to us, Francois. Kill her."

The black man cocked the hammer on his pistol. To save my life, I told them.

"You wan de map? Tis up the stais and down the hall in the game room.

"Show me."

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Treasure Map Sea Table

He grabbed my ear, and pulled me down the corridor. I told him which room was the game room, and he pushed me to the floor.

"Watch her," he told the black man.

He roughly tossed about the room. He cursed a fumed awhile and shattered glass. He overturned a table. When I could take no more of this, I told him where it was.

"On a small table. Under the books. You will find what you are looking for."

Immediately he stopped. I heard the rustling of paper, and heavy wheezing. He had found it.

He remained for a moment, longer than was comfortable for the man he called Francois.

"Tell Peg leg and the boys its time to go. We have what I wanted."

"What will I do wit dis woman?" he asked.

"Let her go. She can't help us now."

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