Guides on creating and using bodymeshes for the Sims.

One of the things that make the Sims such a great game is the ability to customize the Game with your own creations. You can have your own walls, floors, roofs, skins and if you have the right skills even objects. You can have your own bodymeshes as well. However, when designing the game Maxis didn't intent the meshes to be customizable. It was never expected gamers were able to create their own meshes. Thanks to brilliant geniouses like Aladrin Kehlan and Spanky, required tools were avaialable shortly after releas of the game. Still creating a new Sims body has his restrictions. And furthermore the games structure is not a little complicated when dealing with meshes and skins. I recieve a lot of question, how I managed to create my meshes, so I like to share my knowledge with all of you who want to give it a try. In the following guides you will find all you can do and can't do. They are not intended to be a tutorial but more like a reference to you in bodymeshing.

Good luck, Jerome