Mystery Theme 4
Downstairs Interior Hall
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Downstairs Interior Hall
By Paul Howls of

Chapter Four - Morning

Yvette walked across the landing and reached the top of the main staircase. Looking around at the guest bedrooms, all of the doors were shut and the occupants appeared to be sleeping soundly.

It had been a stormy, restless night and so she was sure that everyone would want a lie-in this morning, to make up for the lost hours of sleep.

Wearily, she descended the stairs, thinking about the duties that she would have to perform before breakfast.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs, she wiped her eyes and turned the corner; heading towards the Kitchen. As she reached the downstairs bathroom, she stopped. There was a piece of dark cloth sticking out from underneath the door.

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Dr. Black

Quietly, she approached the door and turned the handle. What she saw inside made her step back with shock. She had to put her hand to her mouth to stop herself from screaming. Lying on the floor was Dr. Black - stone dead.

Taking a deep breath, she quickly ran over to the phone. Within seconds she had her instructions from the police. An Inspector would be straight over to the house. She was to touch nothing and to keep all of the guests upstairs in their rooms.

Yvette lowered the earpiece onto the receiver and took some more deep breaths. Thoughts were rushing through her head. Dr. Black had obviously been murdered and the culprit had to have been one of the six guests upstairs. The house was locked and Hogarth, like herself, had no motive. But which of them did it?

With those final thoughts, she set about her instructions. As promised, the Police arrived shortly and Inspector Grey began to search the house and conduct interviews. The motive of the killer soon became clear - Dr. Black had laid a trap to catch the thief that had been systematically relieving him of his most expensive items.

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Plenty of evidence was also gathered, with a multitude of clues left scattered around the house. Inspector Grey was sure that he could solve this mystery easily if he could just work out if the killer had dropped an item during the night; had moved a weapon from its last known location and had disturbed or damaged the treasure they were seeking when they met Black with fatal consequences. The pieces were all there; he just had to put them together.

Can you?


How to solve this mystery:
To solve this mystery, you must discover which of the six guests (Scarlett, Mustard, White, Green, Peacock or Plum) killed Dr. Black, which weapon they used and where the murder took place.

Read through the story carefully and examine all of the evidence left in the form of clue items.

Select a suspect, weapon and room and then click Submit.

Colonel Mustard Candlestick Hall
Miss Scarlett Dagger Lounge
Professor Plum Lead Piping Dining Room
Mrs. Peacock Revolver Kitchen
Reverend Green Rope Ballroom
Mrs. White Spanner Conservatory
Who did it? Billiard Room