9 Sept 2022

Well look what I found. I hosted this site years ago and completely forgot about it until I was digging through boxes and found a random CD with all sorts of goodies on it. This site, long and forgotten featured reviews from a several different people in the old sims community under pseudonyms. Everything after this is all archives.

Guaging by what I saw on the Wayback Machine, this site is in its entirety. Most of the external links are probably dead, but you may find them on the Wayback Machine. If you find a site listed here that is still up and needs a fixed link, I'll be happy to update it. I have pointed the Forum to the SimFreaks forum, as this was hosted somewhere that doesn't exist anymore. So you can report to SimFreaks and let me know if you find something that needs fixing! Several of the site navigations will not go anywhere as they did point to forum rooms.

Do keep in mind that the reviews may have reflected an early representation of the websites listed during a time when making websites, art, etc was all new to people. Some of the reviews may seem harsh, but one hopes people strived to stretch their creative abilites far beyond where they began and can look back at this with a bit of nostalgia and humor.

Downloads section now open for business...

What's new? Nothing for now as you will, see. Why are these here, I can't exactly say, but these things will remain hosted by us.

Will there be updates? promises.